Wooden Knife

Hone your woodworking and knifemaking skills with this new limited edition folding wooden pocket knife kit from I Build It.ca.

the parts

Kit includes everything in the photos – pre-drilled walnut and maple parts with the templates glued on. Dowels for pins and a thin piece of straight-grained oak for the spring.

the parts

Everything you need is right here, so break out your favourite hand tools, or dust off that scroll saw that’s been sitting in the corner untouched since you bought it, and cut out the pre-templated pieces from this easy to assemble kit.
Use your whittling ability to shape the solid maple blade into a fine edge. Shape the solid walnut handles to fit your grip exactly. Just follow the already adhered template. A bit of time, a bit of patience, and maybe a lot of sanding, and you will have your very own solid maple and walnut folding pocket knife.

The price is $25.00 for the kit and that includes shipping to anywhere in the world.