Making a Roll Out Wood Scrap Bin Workshop Projects

After finishing the renovations on my garage / workshop, I built a wall mounted storage unit in the front left corner, beside the overhead door. The idea for this cabinet was for storing items that I need occasionally, so it was ok that it was in a less than convenient place. The cabinet runs from the ceiling down to about 20″ off the floor, leaving some empty space beneath. I figured the best way to make use of that space was to build a bin on wheels that would fit in there perfectly.

To get started, I drew some very rough plans and did some quick calculations:

To build the bin, I used paint grade 3/4″ plywood. The table saw sled is great for cutting the panels square before crosscutting them to the correct length:

With the four sides cut to the correct dimensions, I installed the dado set for 1/2″ and cut a groove 1/4″ deep. These will receive the plywood bottom.

Assembly starts with some polyurethane construction adhesive in the dados for the bottom panel:

The sides are joined with simple butt joints and the polyurethane adhesive. 2″ nails are used to hold it together as well, and here you can see what occasionally happens when using an air nailer:

No big deal, just use pliers to break it off flush with the surface.

To mount the wheels, blocks are added to the corners:

Since the bin will be in tight to a corner, I thought that mounting the wheels on an angle would be a good idea. Here I’m using my homemade t-bevel to mark the position of each caster:

Having the wheels like this allows the bin to roll out at an angle, clearing the wall.

I made a simple wooden pull and just glued that on:

Finished and filled with short pieces of hardwood.
This is a great way to make use of ‘dead’ space, and took less than an afternoon to construct.