Making A Hand Wheel Handle Homemade Machines & Jigs

A shop-made hand wheel needs a quality handle and here’s a way to make one quickly and accurately.
Start with a piece of hardwood that has a hole drilled through its centre. It’s usually easier to drill the hole when the stock is square, as it can be held more securely. It’s not important if the hole is not exactly centred, but should be reasonably close.

A bolt that is the size that will be used to mount the handle is slipped in and threaded on to a nut to hold the block tightly:

Blank for the handle.

The bolt is then chucked in a drill and is “turned” to shape against the disk sander:

Handle against sanding disk.
The handle is finished.

A belt sander can also be used, like my belt sander platform. It doesn’t take long to get it down to the right size and shape.
Ready to install on your wooden handwheel.