Tip: Drilling Longer Stock On The Drill Press

Occasionally, I need to drill a hole in the end of a longer piece I’m working on and would like to do that on my drill press. The problem is that lowering the table that much may not be practical, or even possible; and even if it can be lowered, it becomes difficult to support the work. The best solution is to swing the table to one side, then clamp the work to the edge.
I was thinking that I could make some sort of vise that could be attached to the drill press table (or column) that would do this, but I really think it’s hard to justify the effort for the infrequent times I would use it. There’s the expression: “keep it simple”, and this one fits the bill – just two regular bar clamps and a block of wood.

The first step is to rotate the table so that the work can be clamped to the edge. It helps if the table is small and thin, like mine:

Clamp the block on next, then clamp the work piece to that, being careful to line everything up correctly:

Drill the hole.
One possible improvement would be to put short dowels in the clamp block that would fit in blind holes in the table. That way, the clamp block could be quickly lined up accurately and clamped in place.

And it’s done:

Seems simple, but it’s often the simplest things that we overlook while doing an operation.

I made a really short video showing the process: