Belt / Disk Sander


This sander features a 1″ x 30″ belt and a 5″ disk, and can be driven with a regular hand-held drill or small motor.

the sander

The sander is fun and easy to build with commonly available material and hardware, and can virtually made from shop scraps. Having it powered by a drill makes it prefect for hobbyists that can’t afford a dedicated stand-alone unit. The footprint of the finished sander is small enough for compact storage.
It uses a very common belt size, which should be in stock in most hardware stores. The 5″ disk is self adhesive, but a hook and loop backer could be applied to the disk for faster paper changes.

There are 37 printable drawings, including 18 parts drawings showing every part in detail. There are 2 hardware drawings and 14 assembly drawings covering each step of the assembly process.

plan preview

For your convenience, this plan is made with both imperial and metric dimensions, with the metric dimensions (millimeters) in brackets. Screw sizes and other hardware are in imperial units.