Bench Top Router Table

A router table is one of those tools that is hard to do without, especially when you need to do something that is next to impossible to do without one. But if your shop is smaller and you are pressed for space, you might not have room for a full size free standing table. And that’s where this bench top router table comes in.

bench top router table

NOTE: The Precision Router Lift plan is sold separately.

It is compact and easy to store out of the way when not in use, but also fully featured. It was designed to work with the Precision Router Lift for pin-point accuracy when raising or lowering the bit. Having the controls out front to lift and lower the router is a feature that you will immediately come to appreciate and not ever want to do without again!

The fence has a built in dust port that connects to the bit opening in the fence. Dust collection can be handled by an ordinary shop vac connected to the cabinet.

bench top router table

The fence is fully adjustable and has movable faces to reduce the size of the opening.

bench top router table

The plans consist of 26 pages, with a materials list, a cut diagram, 13 detailed parts drawings and 8 assembly drawings. It is in an easy to follow, step by step format that walks you through every part of the build.

bench top router table plans preview

For your convenience, this plan is made with both imperial and metric dimensions, with the metric dimensions (millimeters) in brackets. Screw sizes and other hardware are in imperial units.

Have a look through the build article for this project to see if it’s right for you, and please read these important notes before buying these plans.