Easy To Make Screwdriver Rack Workshop Projects

Let me tell you about screwdrivers. I have had a few sets over the years, but never really in what you could call a stable shop environment.  Before getting into this full time, my work was always outside of whatever shop I had, so I’d end up losing the more popular sizes out on a job, somewhere. And that’s the biggest reason why I switched over to those multi-driver type screwdrivers, in particular the ones where the bits don’t come all the way out. Also, they are more compact than the full set of individual ones and easier to transport. When you have to lug your tools out through a muddy job site, space and weight are at a premium.

So, on a fairly recent trip to my local hardware store to look for something that I needed, but didn’t find, I happened to see this set on sale:

And I never like leaving a store empty handed, so I bought them. I figured now that I have a shop that is permanent that I work from, I should be able to keep these ones where they belong.

Having a set like this is only good if you have a convenient place to keep them where you can grab the one that’s needed, then quickly put it back. My first thought was to mount them in this empty space on my tool board:

But it’s not really big enough to take the entire set.

One benefit of these particular ones is that they have the type and size right on the end of the handle, like this:

Making it possible to mount these in a different way and take advantage of that. I decided the best place would be under the tool cubbies above my tool board:

Just a simple rack to hold the screwdrivers horizontally so that the ends of the handles face outwards. This would be easy to access and use space that really can’t be used for anything else – perfect!

The rack itself couldn’t be simpler – just a scrap of softwood long enough for all of the screwdrivers. Laying out the locations took some time, especially changing drill bits to match the shaft on the various sizes:

I just drew a line down the center and used the screwdrivers to lay out the locations to get the spacing right.

The trickier ones were for the standard screwdrivers that have that wider “keystone” tip. I just widened the hole into a slot by drilling right next to it:

The finished rack is 30″ long:

Of course, if your screwdrivers don’t have the size and type on the end, you can always mark it directly on the rack below each screwdriver.

I mounted it with two screws and made sure that they lined up with the dividers in the tool cubbies above, so that the tips of the screws wouldn’t be sticking up to snag the tools on:

Another possible advantage is that these will stay relatively dust free, since they are covered from above.

I made a video of the build from start to finish: