Easy Miter Clamping Dogs Clamps & Vises

There are lots of different ways to clamp miters and several clamps that are specifically designed to do that. This is an easy to make, do-it-yourself solution that uses cheap, commonly available parts.
I made these for 3/4″ stock, but they can be made to suit any thickness of material by just using longer bolts and cutting the wooden block longer.

I started by cutting some pieces of hardwood just a bit shorter than the thickness of the stock I’ll be clamping. I drilled a 3/16″ hole through near the edge for the #10 bolts, then glued a washer and the bolt on with epoxy:

the stones ready to use

It is possible to leave the bolt and washer loose, but much easier to use if you glue them in place. The hardware to make several of these is literally a fraction of the cost of a retail miter clamp.

Another washer and wing nut are put on at the end of the bolt and it can then be tightened onto the edge of the miter:

the block and paper
spreading glue

Regular spring clamps will provide enough pressure if the joints are tight and fit well. They will also allow you to make fine adjustments to the alignment, and you can always add another clamp (either a spring clamp, or another one of these dog clamps) to the inside corner to keep the parts in line.

the stones ready to use

Works great!.

Here’s a quick video showing how I made the clamps:

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