Hang Up Your Air Hose Workshop Projects

This is a familiar sight in my shop, the air hose strewn out on the floor creating a trip hazard underfoot and foiling my infrequent attempts to sweep the floor:

Not only that, but the floor is always the coldest part of the room and condensation more readily develops inside the hose when it’s cold, leading to excess moisture in the air tools.

I figured the solution was to hang it up on the wall out of the way, but have it so that it could be easily removed if I need to use it somewhere else. To do this, I made some simple wooden clips.
I cut some spruce 1-1/2″ wide by 1/1/4″ thick and drilled a 7/8″ hole 1″ from the end:

I cut this to length, about 2-1/2″.

To form the clip end, I drew a line on an angle, the cut it on the band saw:

This makes it so that the hose can clip in and held firmly.
Cleaning up the rough edges on my 1″ belt sander:

And on the disk sander.

Next, a mounting hole is needed and first I drilled a 3/8″ counterbore about 1/4″ deep:

Then drilled through with a 3/16″ bit.

The clips are evenly spaced on the wall and screwed into studs:

Two more were used beside my tool board:

That leaves about 10′ of hose to reach just about anything I’m working on, but it’s still on the floor!

An easy to make bracket fixes that, giving me a convenient place to wrap the cord:

Small things can make a big difference, especially where shop organization is concerned. Having the hose out of the way, but still convenient to reach and use will be a big time saver in the long run.