Tip: Install Drawer Slides The Easy Way

I’ve been making and installing a lot of drawers lately as I work on my new kitchen cabinets. If you’ve used the standard full extension drawer slide before, you’ll know that it can be a bit tricky to line up, especially inside the cabinet. To help with this, I made a simple marking jig that will pre-punch the screw locations for the slide I’m using. It’s easy to line up with marks you put on the cabinet and is self squaring.

Basically, it’s made from two pieces of 1/2″ plywood that have been joined to form a “T”:

installing full extension drawer slides

The plywood was cut to 2″ wide for convenience, since the screws that mark the hole locations will be in the centre. I used glue and brads to join the parts.

This video goes into all of the details on how to make and use the jig:

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