Blog: Sheet Storage Rebuild! By: John Heisz

I added the exclamation mark to the title to make it seem more exciting than it actually is. In fact this is yet another project I’ve been dreading and putting off. But I must delay no longer and get it done in order to get the full benefit of the new cabinets in the corner.

Stuff I did leading up to this: paint the bare patch of floor where the old cabinets were and repaint the wall to clean that up. I also rolled the double sided cabinet down from the other end of the shop – it will live here now:

I quickly slapped this together around three years ago more or less to try it out. It’s been falling apart since then and become completely disorganized. I like the concept and the location (the only better one would have been on the other side of the scrap wood cabinet in the corner), but it could be better arranged and built. And limited to sheet goods only, that’s important.

After clearing the area, I put in the first divider around 6″ from the scrap wood cabinet. I keep sheets of Baltic birch plywood on hand and so an area especially for those is needed. To transport the 60″ x 60″ sheets in my van, I have them ripped into two pieces that are 24″ and 36″, so the full depth is not needed:

The area above is good for smaller and shorter pieces of plywood and I added a strip of plywood on the bottom for the sheets to sit on to keep them up off the bare concrete.

The next divider is a full sheet of 1/2″ plywood spaced 7-1/2″ away from the first. This is the full sheet storage area and I typically don’t have many on hand, so this space will be more than adequate:

I added another storage bin on the other side of the full sheet divider for longer (up to 48″ long) and narrow strips of plywood. This also serves to add some bracing to the top of the full sheet.

Also painted the bare patch on the floor around the dividers before loading in the sheets:

Loaded up and looking MUCH better! And this sentence deserves an exclamation mark:

The double sided cabinet fits perfectly and can be rolled out to access the shelves on the back. I also have plenty of space between it and the new cabinets in the corner.

I still have to rearrange the lighting for this new layout, but that won’t take long. Quite an improvement, I’d say.

I made an exclusive video showing the work:

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