Making a Cord Winder Workshop Projects

This is a simple, easy to do project that you will really get to appreciate after using it, if you have any extension cords. As I’ve been in construction most of my life, I have made several of these cord winders over the years. The design has evolved to the simple shape shown here, and it can be made from any scrap plywood you can find.

To blow leaves around in my yard, I bought a new 100′ cord and after I finished using it, this is where it landed:

Right beside the door in my workshop. I also use a much shorter one in my shop and around the house, and this has spent a lot of time in tangles on the floor as well.

To get started, I cut a piece of old 3/4″ plywood down to about 6″ x 20″:

I then used the table saw to mark the cut lines. This was a spur of the moment thing, mainly to jazz up an otherwise very boring video. Not sure if I was entirely successful in doing that, but it did give me clear lines to follow.

After the layout, it was just to cut it out on the band saw and round over the edges. The smaller one was just cut freehand:

To wrap the cord, start at the end that plugs in the wall and leave about 2′ of cord out. This allows you to start at the place where you will be working, and unreel cord as you head for the outlet. That way, you only unwind as much as you need, the rest stays on the Herbee*:

Same for the smaller one.

Here’s a short video of the project:

These are one of those things that you probably don’t think you need, until you have one. Making these cord winders yourself from available material adds to the value.

*Nickname given to this by an electrician friend of mine.