Making A Handsaw Vise Clamps & Vises

Since I have a few handsaws to fix up and resharpen, I figured it would be a worthwhile endeavor to make a simple vise for holding them. I would be able to clamp it into my large wooden vise to have the blade high enough to work on comfortably.

I started with a piece of 3/4″ plywood that I cut to 26″ long, then ripped into two pieces 6″ wide:

how to make a handsaw visepieces of wood

I oriented the pieces so that the crown was out, like this:

pieces of wood how to make a handsaw vise

This will help keep the clamping pressure evenly distributed from end to end.

Next, I cut a pair of maple strips the same length and about 3/16″ thick:

how to make a handsaw visehow to make a handsaw vise

These were glued and clamped onto the plywood parts to form the jaws of the vise:

clamps a-plentyclamp everything you can

A spacer strip is added to the bottom of one of the jaws. This is 3/8″, or twice the thickness of the thinner strips.

A block plane is used to slightly bevel the maple on the inside, and cutting a chamfer on the outside with the table saw tipped to 45 degrees:

plane how to make a handsaw visemore tablesaw action

The two halves of the jaws are loosely screwed together with 2″ wood screws, and the tip that sticks out on the other side is ground flat:

how to make a handsaw visedetail how to make a handsaw vise

The screws are driven all of the way in, then backed off a turn to allow the jaws to open enough to slide the blade in. They also keep the two jaws in line with each other:

how to make a handsaw vise

A hole is drilled to hang the vise up when it’s not being used, and on the other end a semi-circle is drawn using my beam compass:

how to make a handsaw visecircle how to make a handsaw vise

The cut is made on the band saw and is there to clear the handle on the saw:

bandsaw cuts circle how to make a handsaw visefinished how to make a handsaw vise

It works great, as demonstrated in this video: