Making A Miter Saw Station Workshop Projects

This is a different kind of article in that it covers all of the build in video, rather than pictures. There is also a detailed thread on the forum that covers a lot of the progress, as well as some of my design decisions.
I decided to document the project this way to better illustrate all of the steps involved in a big build like this. I also go into some methods I’ve learned over the years and use to save time and work more efficiently, and work through some problems as they crop up.

This is the full build video for the miter saw station:

Take note that the design is modular and that the centre section can be made as shown in the drawings, or smaller to suit a smaller saw. As shown in the plans, it will accommodate the biggest miter saws that I know of.

Building the storage drawers in the centre section using biscuits to reinforce and line up the joints. I wrote a separate article going over building the drawers with biscuits if you’d like more detail:

Making drawer fronts for the centre section of the miter saw station:

Video on how to iron on wood veneer edge banding:

In this video, I build the telescoping stop for the side wings:

Making the fold out vertical storage drawer:

Making the pull out tool board in the upper cabinet:

Adding wide stock supports to the miter saw station:

While not directly related to the miter saw station, this thickness planer cart does use one of the open bays in the end units:

My router table fits in the other one: