Making A Sanding Station Workshop Projects

After finished my disk sander project, I needed a place to put it. Having just bought a new Rigid oscillating belt and spindle sander, I needed a place to put that too. I decided that a dedicated cabinet would be the best way to go, with built in dust collection for both tools. The cabinet would have some storage as well, for sanding accessories.

The results:

the finished project

Designed so that the tables on both machines would be at the same level, so as not to interfere with each other.

Behind the big door is the dust collector:

built in dust collectionthe hose

An old Craftsman shop vac that still has some life left. 20 years old, it has seen a lot of use. The 2.5″ hose exits the cabinet behind the spindle sander and can quickly be moved from one machine to the other. Although a bit noisy, the dust collection for both tools is very effective. This is a great use for an older shop vac that is near the end of its useful life, as it will see limited action.

The drawers hold sanding supplies for both machines and handheld machines as well. The bottom drawer is deep enough to store my belt sander, palm sander and random orbit sander. The next one up is devoted to 5″ sanding disks for my random orbit sander and has more space at the rear of the drawer for other items.

sanding disk storagesandpaper storage

The two top drawers are for sanding belts, regular sanding sheets and a variety of hand sanders. I made a tray for sanding sheets. Unfortunately, my supply of sandpaper is woefully low at the moment, but having this neat storage motivates me to fill it.

The cabinet has simple leveling legs:

the leveling legs

Made from 3/4″ Baltic birch plywood with a slot cut to adjust them up or down. Once adjusted, tightening the bolt will lock them in place.

The cabinet has 2 receptacles, one for the onboard machines and the other for auxiliary use. The switch turns on the vacuum, which is wired direct.

outlets on the side

Basically, anything related to sanding will be kept in this unit.
In the works is a companion project: a downdraft sanding table where it will be convenient to use the handheld tools.